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Weapon-locating radar system ZOOPARK-1M (1L260)

1L261radar system

The «Zoopark-1M» weapon-locating radar system is designed for location of enemy firing MLRSs and artillery, and control of friendly artillery fire.

In terms of its capabilities this radar system outperforms significantly all earlier domestic radar systems and many foreign counterparts. The Zoopark-1M performs reconnaissance and fire control missions not only in the responsibility zone of the brigade but also in the operational command zone.

Multifunction operation mode enables the radar to simultaneously locate enemy firing positions, control friendly fire and monitor the space to detect various threats.

Dedicated software of the system uses the latest adaptive algorithms to search for and track targets while rejecting jamming from any direction in the scan sector. The radar also employs adaptive digital processing methods increasing location accuracy and probability of target detection and recognition.

The radar system incorporates integrated facilities for crew training including simulation of various flying threats in clutter environments. The radar system ensures protection of the crew and equipment from the effects of mass destruction weapons, small arms fire and shell fragments.

Tracked chassis provides the system with all-terrain capabilities. Provision is made for all combat missions to be performed by a single vehicle (radar vehicle 1L261) from the 1L260 system.

The Zoopark-1M system combined with the capabilities of the assigned artillery units ensures effective counterbattery fire against enemy artillery formations.

Components of the system:
— weapon-locating radar (1L261)
maintenance vehicle (1I38)

stand-by power plant (ED60)

1L260 system traveling to position

Continuous operation time, hour8
Time of deployment from traveling position to operating position, minute 5
Weight, kg38000
Power consumption, KW60
Crew, persons3